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Adriana R.

$52,000 in monthly sales! Omg, I never thought a single mom with 3 kids and a full-time nursing job can be the one writing a testimonial for an Internet eCommerce business success! Thank you, AJ so much.

Mike C.

Aj's High Ticket system worked for me. I was able to generate $80,000 then $120,000 within 5 months... seriously I would pay what I paid to join every single month

Jose Luis R.

I got tired of selling cheap products from China with little success. AJ's system enabled me to find a niche and run ads to the tune of $121,000 within my first 30 days. 

Damian James

The total revenue for my first drop ship store is: $130,000 Hooollleee crrr****p AJ!! What kind of black magic is this??
"High Ticket Dropshipping Rapid Profits System" Helps You If You Want To:
  • Overcome Procrastination When Getting Started With High Ticket Drop Shipping
  • ​No Longer Want To Have Low Conversion Rates Selling High Ticket Items
  • Avoid Being Stuck With Tons Of Other Sellers, Selling The Same Low-Ticket Products
  •  Find High Paying Buyers With "Laser Targeted Traffic"
  • ​Discover How To Find Quality US Suppliers For The Products You Want To Sell Online
  • Build High Converting Stores, Then Duplicate Your Process Over And Over
  •  Leverage Your Time And Put Your Sites On Semi-Autopiot
  • How To Make $300 Or More Per Item Sold vs. $1.81 Selling Low-Ticket Items
  • ​Understand What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Sourcing Quality Suppliers And Products
  • ​Learn How To Effortlessly Sell Higher Ticketed Items With Just A Few Clicks
  • Plus Much, Much More...
Who Is AJ Jomah And
Why Should I Listen To Him?
• School Of Hard Knocks
• Self-Taught
• Basic High School Education

Work History:
• Spent 10 years in a franchise business in restaurants

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
• Business person of the year
Personal Info:
• Went From Living On My Friends Couch For 7 Months To Making Over $1.5 Million dollars selling high ticket goods
• Went from bankrupt to millionaire by 33
• Sold my first drop ship business for $2 Million
• Spoken at 7 international events
• I'm Now Considered One Of Worlds Leaders In High Ticket Drop Shipping, Because My Methods Work

So as you can see, I'm uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about High Ticket Dropshipping!
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