Learn How To Capitalize On Every Digital Marketing Opportunity And Be Three Steps Ahead Of Your Competitors.

7-Figure Marketing Legend AJ Jomah Is Here To Show You How To Take Advantage Of Social, E-mail, & Affiliate Marketing. These Are The Secrets And Concepts That ALL OF THE BEST ECOMMERCE COMPANIES AND ENTREPRENEURS ARE USING.
Mastering one marketing platform is never enough, to run a successful eCommerce business you must know how to utilize multiple different paid traffic programs, and always be implementing the newest strategies. 

So much of eCommerce is learning how to drive targeted traffic to your store, and now you can get the techniques behind someone who has mastered building profitable online stores. 7FigureSkills is AJ's company, and growing the community and building more success stories is one of his biggest missions.
oin AJ as he shows you everything you need to know about driving traffic to your online store, going from the foundations and setting up your tracking to advanced campaign and testing tactics, before finally showing you how to scale your business and increase your returns.

AJ Jomah has always been one of the most strategic and technical marketers, and he has designed all of his best stores around techniques and strategies that don’t need you to spend tons of money, use fancy videos or images, build complex landing pages, or hire someone to do it for you.

Instead, everything he shows is COMPLETELY applicable - you can do it yourself, and see success on your own ad campaigns. Across all four volumes of this new series, you'll master Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Affiliate Marketing, E-mail Marketing, and MUCH MORE. The little hidden details that he has discovered over the years are all jam-packed into this course bundle. Little tests and changes that may completely change your life, all right here, fully explained in exact detail by AJ Jomah.
So What's Included?
- Facebook Ad Mastery Course (10+ Video Lessons)
 Lesson 1: What is a Facebook Ad?    
Lesson 2: Setting Up Accounts    
 Lesson 3: Intro to the Facebook Pixel    
Lesson 4: Facebook Ad Structure 101    
 Lesson 5: Training Your Pixel    
 Lesson 6: The Facebook Ad Tree    
 Lesson 7: Custom & Lookalike Audiences    
 Lesson 8: How Much Should I Spend?    
 Lesson 9: Dynamic Product Advertisements    
 Lesson 10: What Do Good Ads Look Like? 

- Google Advertising Mastery Course (20+ Videos)
Lesson 1: Introduction        
Lesson 2: Intro to Paid Traffic    
Lesson 3: Understanding The Sales Funnel    
 Lesson 4: PPC + SEO + Social Media    
 Lesson 5: What is Google Adwords and How Does It Work    
 Lesson 6: Why Google Shopping    
Lesson 7: Who Should Use Google Shopping       
Lesson 8: Setup for Success    
Lesson 9: How to Create Adword Account    
 Lesson 10: How To Setup Conversion Tracking for Adwords    
 Lesson 11: Setting Up Google Merchant Center Account    
 Lesson 12: How To Create A Product Feed In Shopify    
 Lesson 13: Diagnosing Common Errors    
   Lesson 14: Creating A Shopping Campaign    
Lesson 15: Hidden Money Pits of Google Shopping    
Lesson 16: Setting Up Budgets & Bids    
Lesson 17: Best Solutions For PLA Problems    
  Lesson 18: Display Ads & Search Texts 
Lesson 19: Winning Adwords And Search Text    
 Lesson 20: Structuring Your Search Text Ad Campaign    
Lesson 21: Display Retargeting Options 

- Advanced Traffic Mastery Course
Lesson 1:  Creating Your First Cold Ad    
 Lesson 2: Split Testing/Duplicating Ad Sets    
 Lesson 3: Running Ads on Instagram    
 Lesson 4: Leveraging Custom Audiences & Lookalikes    
Lesson 5: Which Facebook Objective Is Best?    
Lesson 6: Why Is My Facebook Ad Declining?    
Lesson 7: Scaling Facebook Ads    
Lesson 8: Facebook Fan Page Strategy    
 Lesson 9: Facebook Messenger Bot    
 Lesson 10: Auto Bids vs Manual Bids    
Lesson 11: Pinterest & SEO
 Lesson 12: Setting Up Pinterest    
Lesson 13: Automating Pinterest for SEO    
Lesson 14: E-mail Marketing
 Lesson 15: E-Mail Campaign Walkthrough & Personal Template    
 Lesson 16: Setting Up MailChimp    
Lesson 17: Advanced MailChimp Setup 

- On top of all of that, AJ is going to give you his strategy for finding and locking down affiliates for your business - one of the hardest but most important marketing avenues to pursue, in a brand new course.  

- As if that's not enough, AJ is also going to invite you to his private Facebook group for eCommerce masterminds... You'll be able to connect with people who are going through the same steps you are, who have answers to the problems you run into. 

This is a full system on how to drive highly targeted traffic to your store, and ultimately drive a ton of revenue to your business. If you aren't utilizing all of these strategies, you absolutely need this course in your library. Learning how to market your business effectively is imperative. Don't miss out on this bundle, it won't be around for long. 
So What Does It All Cost? 
Well, that depends, what is it worth to learn the marketing strategies that one of the best drop shipper in the world is using RIGHT NOW? 

How much would you pay for a private lesson from AJ Jomah - or for him to run your ads for you...

We could have easily charged you $3,000 for this kind of experience

But we're not going to do that

Instead, cut that price by more than 50%
That's right, get all of AJ's Ad Courses bundled into one package for just $697
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