Multiple 7-Figure Store Owner, AJ Jomah, Wants To Show You His Complete System For Finding Winning Niches - EVERY TIME
AJ went From Living On Friends Couches For 7 Months To Making Over $1.5 Million Dollars Selling High Ticket Products Online. He Went From Being Bankrupt To Being A Multi Millionaire At The Age of 33. He Sold His First Drop Ship Business For $2 Million. 

He Spoke At 7 International Events Last Year, and Accepted A 8-Figure Award At Funnel Hacker Live. He's Considered One Of Worlds Leaders In High Ticket Drop Shipping, Because His Methods WORK. 
It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced drop shipper or a total newbie, this instructional series is made with every entrepreneur in mind and by the end of it, you'll have a niche (or niches) that you're confident in and that will actually get conversions. 

By building from the basic foundations of drop shipping up, you can see the most important keys to successful eCommerce that made AJ one of the best drop shipper in the world and a digital marketing legend. 

Finding a niche can be a painful process if you don't know what you're doing, and more importantly it can be EXPENSIVE if you waste time on products and niches that we know aren't going to make money. This course will prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that other drop shippers have made when they started their eCommerce businesses. 
So What's Included?
Master Finding And Validating Niches (10 VIDEO LESSONS)

- Start with an overview of the material, discover the versatility of the niche selection blueprint. AJ is going to walk you through all of the central problems that people run into when looking for a niche, how to address them, and then discuss finding high quality domestic suppliers. 

- Next AJ is going to give you a step by step 150-page blueprint that will guide you the question, "what niche is right for me?" He will discuss the metrics we look at to validate good products and tell you when and where it is necessary and beneficial to pursue a niche further and where it is not. After clearing up the always asked question, AJ will breakdown the supplier acquisition process. There are several different variations to approaching suppliers and how you present yourself is extremely important. 

- On top of all of that, AJ is going to give you the list he personally compiled of 199+ Niches that he thinks are going to perform well in 2019. He could have started a 7-figure store this year for ANY of these product ideas, but instead he wanted to give them to his students so he can get more success stories like the ones you'll see on the next page. 

- As if that's not enough, AJ even went as far as to find and put together all the contact info for not 100.. not 500... not 1,000... but 2,000 DROP SHIP FRIENDLY SUPPLIERS. And he's giving it all away to his students. 

This is a full system on how to select a niche to build a store around, and how to effectively use these niches to build 7-figure businesses without having any inventory. This is a system that you NEED in your arsenal. In many ways the niche selection process is the most important aspect in all forms of eCommerce. Don't miss these never before seen secrets. 
So What Does It All Cost? 
Well, what is it worth to learn the secrets of the best drop shipper in the world? 

How much would you pay for a private lesson from a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and digital marketing legend? (That is if he even had the time...)

We could have easily charged you $2,000 for this kind of experience

But we're not going to do that

Instead, cut that price by more than 50%
That's right, get all of AJ's Niche Selection secrets for just $497
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