Multiple 7-Figure Store Owner, AJ Jomah, Wants To Show You His Complete System For Finding Profitable High Ticket Niches - 
AJ went From Living On Friends Couches For 7 Months To Making Over $1.5 Million Dollars Selling High Ticket Products Online. He Went From Being Bankrupt To Being A Multi Millionaire At The Age of 33. He Sold His First Drop Ship Business For $2 Million. 

As he tells "It starts and ends with finding the right Profitable Niche and Products."

If you don't know where to start with making money online, start with Mastering the skill of picking winning products within a Niche. 

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So you're completely new to High Ticket Drop Shipping?
People ask me all the time "where should I start?" "what's the secret sauce?"

There is no secret sauce, it all boils down to research and data...
meaning building a real online business profitably is predictable if you follow some key metrics and rules.  
No it's not complicated, the problem is most people don't know what to look for or where to start.  But I'm going to help you right now figure this out. 

Finding a niche can be a painful process if you don't know what you're doing, and more importantly it can be EXPENSIVE if you waste time on products and niches that we know aren't going to make money. My Niche Mastery course will prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that other drop shippers have made when they started their eCommerce businesses and fail!
So What Should You Do Right Now? 
We'll If you're serious about getting real results and finding a Profitable Niche you should click the learn more button, but if you're not ready just keep reading...
Key Secret #1: Don't Drop Ship Cheap Products from China Period!
Would You Rather Make Money Drop Shipping $20 cheap products earning a few bucks or losing money? Or... Drop Ship $1,000 products earning $300 or more in profit from a single order?
Understand that there are 1.92 Billion online shoppers around the world and over 100 Million people have spend $500 more on a single product every year.  We're going to focus on this 100 Million people we call these people...
The Upper Middle Class, Wealthy and Businesses
Pro Tip: Focus On products That The Upper Middle Class, wealthy and businesses buy online!
Nothing against low income, or middle class but they tend to make longer decisions and max out credit cards to buy things so that means more returns and refunds and less conversion. When we focus on just the right customers (rich, upper middle class and businesses), we convert them to buyers easier and their is less customer support issues to handle later like refunds. 
Key Secret #2: Brainstorm Niche Ideas & Products 
There are 100's of thousands of High Ticket Products to Drop Ship but so many people struggle with finding a High Ticket Niche that will make money...
Here's an example of 15 Products in one room that are Drop Ship friendly and drop ship for over $500 or more.
Key Secret #3:Narrow your ideas to Two Niches only 
You can only pick one niche to go with.  
With High Ticket Drop Shipping we don't build General Stores we focus on just One Niche that can represent dozens or hundreds of products within the niche. 
Why? You're known as an expert in a smaller field rather than trying to be everything to everyone.  It's hard to stand out as a newbie if you're selling everything you can get your hands on.
See the store below an example of a Niche Specific Store. It's clean, simple and focused on ONE niche In this case Fireplaces...
Key Secret #4: Proof of Concept  Prove it will succeed and make money for you by running 3 key metrics online and guarantee it already makes money before you launch a store and run ads. 
In my Niche Mastery Course that's included in the Step it Up™ Package I literally walk you through Step-By-Step how to prove the concept, using 3 key metrics.  This is based on data you'll easily find online and when you do this and check off that it mets the Metrics I set for you...
You are Guaranteed 100% that the Niche will be profitable if you build a store around it and run traffic. 
Why You Should Step-it-Up™ Now
AJ is going to walk you through all of the central problems that people run into when looking for a niche, how to address them, and then discuss finding high quality domestic suppliers. 

-  AJ hates courses he prefers ACTION, when you get the Step it Up Package that includes his Niche Mastery Course...
He's going to show you, by sharing his screen with you...
How to brainstorm niches, narrow them down and prove it makes money first

You'll get a Niche Picking Worksheet and Action Steps to complete to help you actually find a niche and validate it before you go looking for suppliers

You won't be stuck asking "what niche is right for me?"After clearing up the always asked question, AJ will breakdown the supplier acquisition process. There are several different variations to approaching suppliers and how you present yourself is extremely important. 

- On top of all of that, AJ is going to give you the list he personally compiled of 199+ Niches that he thinks are going to perform well in 2019. He could have started a 7-figure store this year for ANY of these product ideas, but instead he wanted to give them to his students so he can get more success stories like the ones you'll see on the next page. 

- As if that's not enough, AJ even went as far as to find and put together all the contact info for not 100.. not 500... not 1,000... but 2,000 DROP SHIP FRIENDLY SUPPLIERS. And he's giving it all away to his students. 

Most people want the A to Z from finding niches, building Store, Running Traffic and converting them all at once.  
AJ provides this A to Z program in his High Ticket Rapid Profits Mentorship Program...
But he sells the program for over $2,000 and without a payment plan....

It's not what you need today, What you need is to focus on Mastering finding the right Niche and Products and finding the Suppliers...
Then once you've done that and proven to yourself you've found the right product and suppliers go ahead and get the A to Z!

The Step it Up™ Package is a full system on how to brainstorm,  select, and prove the idea of a niche to build a store around, and how to effectively use these niches to build 7-figure businesses without having any inventory. This is a system that you NEED in your arsenal. In many ways the niche selection process is the most important aspect in all forms of eCommerce. Don't miss these never before seen secrets. Well, what is it worth to learn the secrets of the best drop shipper in the world? 

How much would you pay for a private lesson from a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and digital marketing legend? (That is if he even had the time...)

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Niche Mastery Couse
2,000 List of USA Premium Suppliers (No Middle Man)
199 Niche Ideas To Copy (all proven 7-figure niches)
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