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I know you have so many more questions to ask and I promise my online courses and training will answer the bulk of your questions

That's why I honor all my courses with 100% money back guarantee! 

What's Next?  What Do I Do NOW?
We started Drop Ship Academy with the sole purpose of providing students with a blueprint for success. It's our mission to help 10,000 students launch successful dropship stores, and this framework is helping us get closer to that goal every day. 

We have over 100 students currently, all of them learning at their own pace, working and communicating with other students to learn more and hold each other accountable. 

We also give you real coaching calls and direct methods to contact us, so you're never alone - and if you get stuck, we'll help you get back on track.

The course is a COMPLETE ONLINE COURSE with 7 Phases and over 40 videos and lessons that will teach you everything you need to know about drop shipping. 

We give you homework assignments and Action Tasks that you have to turn into us, so we can make sure you're doing everything right. 

We validate your niche and show you how to find suppliers, and even give you an awesome theme to use for your store and show you how to customize it.

We brought in some advertising experts that teach you guys how to setup high quality ad campaigns to start driving traffic to your store. 
You get Access to our Private Facebook Group
Monthly Mastermind Calls with AJ and J
Coaching & Support 
Every year we go to a retreat on a beach in a different country and invite all of our members to go...
Testimonial from our student Mike Burgio who makes $60k/month
AJ Jomah - Co-founder of 7FigureSkills.com and Drop Ship Academy
Tell me which person you are?
I'm New to This
This is the place for you newbie!  I was new once too. I promise you that this course takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to brainstorm niches, make sure they are a profitable, and get started on your drop ship journey.

We show you exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, how to find suppliers and what to say when you call them. 
Our course helps you build a store (by giving you a copy of our exact theme that we use on our stores)

You'll also become part of the 7figure digital nomad community of Drop Shippers, and they are all super awesome and helpful. 

Don't forget that you'll get coaching and support from everyone on our team, on top of the support you'll have from the community of students going through the same steps as you.

We'll teach you how to drive traffic the right way, because so many people do this wrong, and we show you the best way to do it where you're making regular sales and can actually afford to quit that 9-5 job you keep wishing you could leave.

Actually, if anything, I've seen people sign up for the course just for the traffic lessons we teach. Paid traffic is tricky, and if you're new, it's hard to recognize what's working and what's failing. 

Worst case scenario: let's say you get stuck trying to drive traffic to your store, can't seem to get anyone to visit your site, but you're a DSA member. You can call AJ or any of his coaches, and they will actually help you through your problem step-by-step, so you're never alone. 

My Dad will show you how to sell all over the world to people you'll probably never ever meet in person without touching or buying a single product. 
I've got a store already
Awesome! hows it going? Seriously, are you making a lot of money doing it? I'm going to take a wild guess and say NO, am I right? 

Let me guess, you're struggling with getting the right kind of traffic, or you're getting traffic, but they are not buying your products, right?

Or worse! They are buying, you're getting traffic, but you're not making any money.

Maybe you just wanna get a boost in sales and find better ways to make more money.

But if I really had to guess, I bet you're in the wrong niche and you're not selling high-ticket products, products that cost over $500 (I even have stuff I sell on my site that cost $2,000)

We have helped people turn their businesses around with our method of High Ticket Drop Shipping... I mean a complete 360!... or is it 180? 

Don't forget the #1 thing this course will teach you, besides finding an awesome niche and building a really high converting store... the number #1 thing the course teaches you is MARKETING &TRAFFIC. So if you have a store already, this is perfect for you. 

& Guess what, you're probably not using Google Shopping or PLA's either. That's where we go to get Targeted Traffic and higher conversions.

We also give our students all the tools, resources and apps he uses to make way more money from each customer and converts more cold traffic to real buyers. 

Why learn from someone who "claims" they used to have a store and made a billion dollars or whatever - we still run our own profitable drop ship stores TODAY. Why? Because it WORKS, and generates passive income for me and my family.
To show you how committed I am to your success and making sure all my courses are of the best content and value to you.  I will give you a free one on one coaching call if you feel you're struggling within the first thirty days. 

We Walk the Talk By Showing You Our Own Store Results
Your Next Step is To Pick A Course Package 
Any of these courses are for GO GETTERS ONLY! If you're lazy, if you're a quitter and not a go getter I don't want you to waste time or money.  Take a second to reflect on your past behaviors when it comes to learning and taking action
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