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 Tired of Trying To "figure it Out"?
Apply To TheDone-For-You Program
Become our Next Dream Client and Success Story.  See why our clients prefer our Done-For-You Program Over just getting a courses or doing it alone. 
  • Guarantee To Find A Winning High Ticket Niche: We'll coach you on finding a profitable niche 
  • Get USA Premium Suppliers To Approve You Faster: Real USA Suppliers, With $500+ Products.
  • Done-For-You eCommerce Store Design We know what it takes to build trust and get conversion to our stores. With a Done for You Store, We'll Create A Custom Logo, Branding and Optimize your store so people think it's a bigger brand that's been around for a long time.
  • Done-For-You Traffic Setup By Our Team That Spends $500k Per Month on Ads.
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Failing Or Trying to Figure Out How to Do Things yourself By Now? Well, You Don't Have To Be...
Our Done-For-You Program Combined With The High-Ticket Model Is Your Answer.
Here's How High-Profit eCommerce Launch System Works...
High-Profit eCommerce allows you and I, to work with USA Suppliers to Drop Ship (No Inventory) Premium, High Ticket Products like Furniture, Desks, Outdoor Patio Sets, Espresso Machines, and anything else that you can think of that people buy:
Use Google To Research What Buyers Are Searching For Hint Must Cost over $1000
Call Premium USA Suppliers or Abroad That Manufacturer the Products and Get Approved To Sell
Build a Brand Store online Using Shopify, We Easily Compete With The Big Dogs, With Our Branded Stores.
Traffic Picture: 
We Only Run Ads To The Rich, Wealthy, Upper Middle Class and Businesses. Those that can afford our products.
Here are Some Great Examples Of High-Ticket eCommerce Stores That Are Generating 7 Figures Sales.
Our System Allows Our Clients To Generate In Net Profit Over $300 Or More. Drop Shipping $1,00 Products Without The Need to Buy Inventory. Everyday.
There Are literally 100's Of Thousands Of High Ticket Products From Premium Suppliers. 

You'd Never Guess... But Over 1.92 Billion People Shop Online and Many of Them Are More Comfortable Buying Online Over $500 
The Secret sauce to our success is we target the upper middle, class, the rich and businesses only.  
They are more comfortable with making bigger purchases online.

One Sale A Day Is All You Need To Generate $10K or More In Profit per Month... 
Seriously, Just Look at What Some of Our Clients Are Saying
See What Our Dream Clients Are Saying About Our Done For You Program and High Ticket eCommerce Launch System.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Never Thought I'd Be The One Writing a Review Of My Success. 7FigureSkills Team Truly Offered Me Real Help, and Support. They Crushed it! I've hit $30,000 In the last month with my High Ticket Shopify Store.
Emma K. - Austin, Texas 
7FigureSkills Done-For-You Client
I spent countless hours and money on trying to make money with my Aliexpress Store.  7Figureskills showed me a smarter way to make money online and went to work by building my store and branding.  $120,000 in sales per month after 6 months is where I'm at and I wouldn't be at this point without 7FigureSkills Done-for-You program.
Justin L. - Canada
7FigureSkills Done-For-You Client
3 Kids to feed and a full time job wasn't cutting it. I watched AJ's Webinar and felt convinced this was right for me.  Thank you AJ for the support, the Done for You Store and the love.  We hit $52,000 in sales last month with your help.  $15,000 in profit. I quit my job and travel with the kids more often!
Adriana, L. - Houston, Texas
7FigureSkills Done-For-You Client
Who says old guys can't figure it out.  I'm 67 years old.  I didn't have time for courses and figuring it out.  
I invested in the Done for You Program. I loved the community, the Store that was created and the Niche they helped me pick.  I've got 2 stores that make game-changing money and allow me to focus on being semi-retired.
Edward V. - Australia
7FigureSkills Done-For-You Client
Let's Look At Some Real Results
Here's some behind the scenes store results from our clients. 
Each Order They Made Profited $300 +
So One Sale A Day x 30 Sales Literally Means a 6-Figure Business
Let’s break it all down.
none of our clients were experts. 
  • They Applied to Work With Us and We Interviewed Each One. 
  • ​We only work with 10 clients at a time.  More focus on each client (we're not a big team)
  • ​We helped them Pick ROCKSTAR niches that sold for over $1,000
  • ​Showed them how to get approved by USA Suppliers (real suppliers without a list) 
  • ​We went to work on a Done for You Branded Store with Custom Logo and images.
  • ​We Optimize the store to really focus on their customers so they seemed creditable. 
  • Done-For-You Traffic setup.  We targeted the affluent, wealthy and businesses that already showed interest in their products online. 
  • ​We offered them coaching calls, ongoing support and live events to attend.
The Done For You Program has an 87% Success Rate over 12 months!
We select who we work with, and focus 100% on their success.

Would You Rather Have a Cheap Store Selling Cheap Products From China?
Or A High Ticket Store Drop Shipping USA Products Earning $300 In Profit From Each Sale Online?



Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Wayfair and the biggest brands in the world use Drop Shipping to Sell Their Expensive Products.
Do I need the experience to do High Ticket? 
No, anyone can get started as long as you 
can invest the time and energy into 
implementing what we teach you.
How Do I Find Suppliers?
Don't worry, Suppliers are all around us,
Once we build your store for you we'll show you
how to find, call and get approved by premium 
What if I don't know what to sell?
Don't worry we're going to show you exactly
what to look for to find ROCKSTAR niches 
and we'll validate your niche for you.
How long will it take to build my store?
It only takes us 7 days after you find a niche to build a high quality branded store with your own custom logo and branding.
How much does it cost to get started?
$29 Shopify account per month and about $5 a day on ads. This doesn't include the investment into our Done for You Program.
How long will it take me to make money once I get approved an invest?
We've seen clients make $20,000 to $40,000 per month within 30-90 days after they launch a store. 
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